Video Viral

By Kim Reader

A personal trainer has captured spine-tingling footage of what he believes to be the ghost of Admiral Nelson’s wife aboard the HMS Victory.

In the eerie footage what appears to be the ghostly figure of a woman in a dress and heels walks through the upper chamber of the warship – before disappearing through a wall.

Tony Ferguson was enjoying a day out last week exploring the vessel, which was Lord Nelson’s flagship in the Battle of Trafalgar, when he started to feel like someone – or something – was following him.


The 33-year-old, who has a passion for paranormal investigation, quickly got out his video camera and panned around the chamber.

While he didn’t see anything with his naked eye, when Tony watched the footage back he had clearly captured a womanly figure, who he believes is the ghost Frances ‘Fanny’ Nelson.

Nelson’s wife is said to have visited him often during his time as vice-admiral and Tony claims tourists regularly claim to have seen the couple’s spirits haunting the historic site.

Tony, of Southampton, said: “I arrived at the HMS Victory first thing in the morning and I knew I had the whole upper chamber to myself but I kept feeling like someone was following me.

“I got out my camera and as I panned around the camera picked up this woman in a dress.

“What is so strange is I didn’t see anything at all with my own eyes. If I had seen an actual person there I would have put the camera down straight away.

“But when I watched the video back later, there she was. She walked straight across the chamber and then disappeared through a solid wall so she must have gone through it.

“The HMS Victory is known for its hauntings and lots of people have said they’ve seen Admiral Nelson and his wife over the years.

“The admiral’s wife visited him regularly during his time on the ship so I’m sure this is her still visiting him as a ghost.


“The upper chamber would have been an area reserved for the highest ranking officers so it’s where Nelson and his wife would have spent most their time together.

“It must have been her following me around the ship. Spirits are really intrigued by the living.

“I felt so lucky to have captured such clear footage of a paranormal experience. I’ve had quite a few in my life so they don’t frighten me anymore.”

The HMS Victory, which is more than 250 years old, has been situated at Portsmouth Historic Dock since 1922 and is open to the public as a living museum.

Fitness fanatic Tony got into ghost hunting just over a year ago after developing a fascination with the paranormal as a child.

Throughout his childhood Tony had a number of ghostly encounters with the spirits of a man and young girl in his grandad’s house.

After his paranormal experiences only became more frequent as an adult, Tony became convinced that something about his ‘energy’ attracts spooks.

Tony said: “My grandad’s house was haunted. There was loads of activity there with things flying around and the spirits of a man and girl always visiting so I was constantly surrounded by it.

“Growing up around it meant I was intrigued from a very young age and as I got older I realised that I had this gift where any time I went into a haunted place, spirits would appear.

“It must be something about my energy that just attracts them. It did used to scare me but I’ve got used to it now, most spirits aren’t harmful at all.

“I decided to pursue this gift and picked up paranormal investigation as a hobby. At first I didn’t share my videos or photos with anyone because it was a very personal journey.

“But after a while I decided I wanted to share some of the amazing things I have seen to open other people’s eyes to the paranormal world.”