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By Helen Le Caplain

Meet the internet’s most cantankerous-looking kitty – a puss with a distinctive underbite and looks that could kill who looks just like family pet Kyle in Despicable Me.

Wilfred’s striking features including a shock of white fur, eyes like saucers and protruding pearlies has led some people to even believe he’s not real and has been PHOTOSHOPPED by owner Jenna Millward.


The Chinchilla Persian’s grumpy and pained human-like expressions has led some to worry he’s in distress, but Jenna said that he couldn’t be more chilled out and has even joined her on a cheeky trips to the pub with pals.

Jenna from Finchley, north London, said: “As Wilfred has grown he’s become more and more striking and unusual looking.

“Most of the breed don’t have eyes or teeth that are so pronounced.

“People think I’m photoshopping him, some have commented on pictures I’ve shared online and said he can’t possibly be real. I can assure you it’s not trickery, he’s definitely the real deal.

“Chinchilla Persians are known as the most strikingly beautiful breed of cat.


“Wilfried doesn’t look like a typical one. I’ve had people ask me ‘What is it? What’s wrong with him?’

“As far as I’m aware there’s nothing wrong with him, he’s had regular vet check-ups and has a clean bill of health.

“He doesn’t have any tell-tale signs of difficulty breathing like pugs and bulldogs can. He’s a very happy and healthy cat”

Health concerns aside, people often comment on his cranky-looking facial expressions and animated doppelgangers.

Jenna said: “Since he was a tiny kitten people have made comparisons. People have mentioned Kyle, the family pet from Despicable Me, the worm from Labyrinth, Steve Buscemi and the cat from Frankenweenie Mr Whiskers.

“It was like Tim Burton had just met Wilfred and decided to include him in his film.

Jenna started sharing pictures of Wilfred online to showcase his unusual looks and happy and friendly personality.


Jenna, 34, said: “When he first started to grow those visible teeth, his little fangs, I thought they were really cute and amazing.

“He may look pretty grumpy, and gets compared to Grumpy Cat a lot, but temperament-wise he’s the most chilled out cat I’ve ever come across, it’s just his face.

“Others have said he looks sad, they’re applying a human expression on a cat.

“If a cat is sad or anxious there are tell-tale signs – their bodies may become very rigid or their ears flatten – but he has none of those traits.

“He’s always had a very human-like expression. People see them and equate them to a very grumpy cat, but he’s never hissed, scratched or bitten.

“He’s like this sleepy little ragdoll who stays in your arms and purrs constantly.”

The 18-month-old kitty loves company, so much so he regularly sits with Jenna as she soaks in the bath and has even joined her and housemate Liana Gintautaite to the pub for a quick pint.


Nurse Jenna said: “He loves it when I take a bath. I can’t close the door otherwise he will scratch and scream at the door.

“He normally loves to sit by the bath and watch me, he’s very entertained by the bubbles.

“We took him to the Greyhound in Hendon to see if he’d enjoy it. We planned to stay for half a pint and leave but ended up staying longer as he loved it.

“People came up to him commenting on how amazing he was and taking pictures, he really enjoyed it.”

Sitting watch Jenna relax in the bath obviously inspired the cat, whose pedigree name is Fearless Warrior, to enjoy a soak in the tub himself – and he’s even had a go at swimming lengths.

Jenna said: “Most cats have a reputation for hating water but Wilfred loves having a bath.

“He’s not really interested in grooming himself and as he’s white all the dust and dirt gets all over him, especially if he’s been out in the garden.

“We already had people expressing concern about his facial expressions, we didn’t want people thinking he was being neglected.

“He took to it straight away and even started trying to swim. We put him in the bath and he just started moving his paws and now does a couple of lengths when he’s in there.”


Jenna said hadn’t intended to get a cat, but when she spotted Wilfred’s face staring out from an online ad she admits it was ‘love at first sight’.

Jenna said: “I wasn’t planning to get a cat at all. It was completely by chance that I came across his face on the internet and I saw this little face, like nothing I’d seen before, staring up at the camera with human-like expressions.

“I showed him to my housemate Liana, it was love at first sight.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about him and in the end we made the 12-hour round-trip to go and collect him.”

Jenna hasn’t looked back since and believes he’s the perfect addition to her housemate home.

Jenna said: “He’s even cuter in real life, he’s so soft, fluffy and loveable.

“His expressions and the way he moves his eyes are incredible.

“Everyone I speak to say they’ve never seen a cat look at people so intently before.


“Cats are famous for being aloof but he really gives you that eye contact, he really communicates with you.”

And it’s not just Jenna who’s been bowled over by his striking looks and adorable personality.

Fans all over the globe like and comment on social media pictures and videos and have even sent hand-drawn portraits of him.

Jenna said: “I started to share pictures of him online so people could see how awesome my cat is.

“He has global appeal, I’ve had people from Russia, America, Spain and China get in touch about him wanting to get hold of merchandise.

“It’s not something I’d considered before but as the demand’s there, why not? Watch this space.”