Offbeat Video

By Janet Tappin Coelho in Brazil

This is the extraordinary image of a motorcyclist calling an ambulance to his own road accident after being thrown onto the roof of a car driven by a motorist allegedly responsible for running him over.

Snaps taken by amazed eyewitnesses show despatch rider, Guilherme Souza de Oliveira, 28, lying injured on top of a yellow Volkswagen Crossfox that reportedly failed to stop after crashing into him.

Footage of the hit and run accident, caught on CCTV, records the moment the car appears to overtake a black pickup and slams into the biker travelling on the opposite side of the road in Jandira, south east Brazil.

Pic by FocusOn News/Caters News

The victim has a lucky escape as his crash helmet flies off in one direction and the collision spins and flips him onto the roof of the car and not into the path of an on-coming vehicle.

Without even apparently hitting the brakes, the motorist swerves onto the pavement, runs over the motorbike and continues driving as the victim hangs on to the bars on top of the car.

Municipal civil guard (GCM), who came across the scene, posted footage and images of the incident on social media and told how shocked they were to find the victim ‘sprawled and clinging’ to the top of the moving vehicle while phoning for help.

A GCM spokesperson said: “Guards were patrolling the area in their car and came across the incredible sight of a yellow

CrossFox with a crumpled front bumper driving along with a man in motorbike gear sprawled out on the roof.

Pic by FocusOn News/Caters News

“They said they could see the man had propped himself up on one arm and was speaking on his cell phone. They said it was very bizarre.

“The guards immediately pulled the vehicle over and determined that a hit and run accident had occurred which had flung the victim on top of the car,” the spokesperson explained.

Even though passers-by tried to alert the driver to his ‘extra passenger’ by flagging him down, the motorist, who had reportedly failed to stop to help the biker after crashing into him, was apparently unaware the victim was still with him.

It’s believed he kept driving for several minutes after the accident before agents stopped him.

A picture taken of the incident shows the GCM patrol vehicle parked behind the damaged car which has a dent in the bonnet, a cracked windscreen and part of the front bumper hanging off on the passenger side. Other images show the ambulance crew helping the injured man off the roof.

The GCM spokesperson continued: “Guilherme told officers he was clinging to the bars on top of the car to stop himself from falling off. The handles probably helped to save his life.

“The officers detained the motorist but left the victim where he was until the ambulance arrived.”

Pic by FocusOn News/Caters News

It took three emergency rescuers to remove the injured man from the top of the car onto a stretcher.

Mr Oliveira suffered minor cuts and bruises and was discharged from hospital after undergoing 24 hours of tests and observation.

The accused has been charged with dangerous driving resulting in injury and leaving the scene of the accident which happened on 15 February.

He is due to appear in court within the next few weeks.