Animals Video

By Katy Gill

This homeowner had the shock of his life when he drew the curtains to find a lynx outside of his window performing a little dance.

Lloyd Kivinen, was pleasantly surprised to see the bobcat walking directly towards his window on March 3, in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

The curious 24lbs cat, potentially drawn near by the scent of some feeding squirrels, then performed a little jig to mark his territory on the fresh snow.

The nail biting encounter lasted approximately half an hour with the lynx then disappearing off into the woods after investigating around the outside of the apartment block.

Lloyd, 67, said: “It showed no fear.

“I have seen many bobcats in my life, just never this close.

“No doubt he was brought near by the squirrels feeding outside our window.

“I feel very fortunate indeed.”