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By Kirstie Sutheran 

This thoroughbred is clearly up for horsing around – as she mirrors little kids by racing them up and down in her paddock.

Mum Desiree Tagg, 29, filmed her two daughters Abby, seven, and Zoey, four, racing two-year-old race horse Shelby up and down.


The girls wait excitedly for mum to shout ‘ready, steady, go’ while Shelby lines up next to them on the other side of the fence.

When the girls take off as fast as they can Shelby, who has yet to be in a race, shoots off after them to try and cross the line first.

Desiree, from Watanobbi in New South Wales, Australia, said watching her children regularly play with Shelby has left her in awe of the young horse’s strong bond with them.

Desiree said: “Shelby is a baby racehorse who we have looked after since she was born.


“She was broken in and went to the racetrack for a few weeks to learn and then went for a nice long holiday in this paddock to grow a little more and get some rest.

“My children and I feed her every day and will do anything to get attention.

“She loves playing with the children, but her favourite thing in the whole world is racing.

“She loves to have little races with the kids. I say, ‘on your marks, get set, go’ and they race up and down the paddock until they are all tired.


“It’s amazing the bond that a young horse can have with children. I can’t even explain how many jaw dropping moments I have experienced with race horses and children.

“It has made me respect racehorses even more and how they do what they are bred to do.”