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By Bilal Kuchay

Two doctors and two nurses at the emergency ward of a government-run hospital in India have been suspended after they used a road accident victim’s severed leg as a pillow.


Ghanshyam, 28, a conductor on a school bus was rushed to the Maharani Laxmibai Jhansi Mecidal College in Uttar Pradesh with his severed leg after the bus he was in overturned while trying to avoid colliding with a tractor on Saturday.

At least a dozen children were injured in the bus crash.

His mother and brother-in-law brought Ghanshyam to hospital with the severed leg, to theirutter shock, the attendant used the broken limb as a pillow and kept it under his head.

Visuals show him lying on a stretcher and in utter medical negligence, the patient’s severed leg has been put as a pillow under his head.


A close relative of Ghanshyam, Hari Prasad, claimed that it was the doctors that put it there and they didn’t give him a real pillow.

Prasad said: “It was frightening for everyone, the way doctors put the amputated leg below his head as his pillow.

“It is shocking and clearly shows the carelessness and medical negligence of the doctors.”

The video has since gone viral, forcing the government to set up a four-member committee to look into the case.


Two doctors and two nurses have been suspended in the case so far.

Chief Medical Superintendent, Harish Chandra Arya, said: “It is not yet clear who decided to use the amputated leg to rest Ghanshyam’s head.

“It should have not happened. We are investigating the case and stringent action will be taken against the guilty after the inquiry.”