By Kristiana Hall

THIS incredible optical illusion appears to show a two headed cheetah.

The image – taken on safari in the Maasai Mara reserve in Kenya – catches the moment two of the big cats came into close contact.

 Dan Galati / Caters News

Photographer Dan Galati, 44, managed to capture the two cheetahs walking in sync.

He said: “I took this photo during the Wildebeest migration.

 Dan Galati / Caters News

“It’s always an exciting time. The big cats are most active during this time of the year and to see the five in action was very exciting for me.

“These five cheetahs are very famous in the Mara and a big draw card for tourists visiting.

“The two cheetahs I photographed were walking together and I noticed there movements were completely synchronised so I began taking shots of the two side by side, step by step.”