Amazing Video

By Luke Kenton

This ingenious artist combines embroidery, food and stop-motion to bring her stunningly intricate works to life.

Just as every good artist should draw from their influences, this Japanese visionary stitches them, using little more than a needle and thread to bring her minute designs to life – which vary from food, drinks and figures of popular culture.

Showcasing her works under the pseudonym ‘Ipnot’, the 31-year-old artist developed her unique style three years ago, after developing an affinity for both embroidery and art separately a few years before.

Deciding to combine the two, Ipnot’s ‘coin-sized’ creations can take anything from 12 hours to two days to complete, but the full-time artist insists her pain-staking labour ‘never feels like work’.

Ipnot said: “I started doing embroidery about five years ago.

“I was drawn to it because my grandmother used to do embroidery and made it look very relaxing – so I tried it and really enjoyed it myself.

“Since then, I’ve been starting my own projects and its never felt like work at all.

“As in the art of pointillism, I use my needle like a

paint brush, stitching one needle at a time.

“I’ve chosen the French knot stitch to represent my stitching style, it’s a lot of fun to do and my favourite one.

“I’ve now starting using stop-motion animation to add a new dimension to my embroidery.

“I’m so excited to see what the future holds.”

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