Animals Video

By Curtis Mitchell 

This bird loves a good game of peak-a-twoo – hiding under his owner’s hand before loudly shouting ‘peakaboo’.

One-year-old Lionel loves playing peekaboo with his owner Ellen Pitt.

In their super cute version, she puts her hand over the birds head so he can ‘hide’.

Then when she takes her hand away, excited Lionel shouts ‘peekaboo’.

In an even more adorable twist, Ellen suspects Lionel loves going along with the game in a desperate attempt to impress a female parrot named Henrietta.

Ellen, from Australia, said: “Lionel loves to play peekaboo. If he’s in the right mood he will do it for ages.

“The first time he did it I was delighted. It was a bog step in trust for the little bird who was terrified of everything after living through the nightmare of rising flood waters.

“It took him a very long time to step into my finger, let alone let him put my hand over his head.

“It’s an infatuating thing to watch and to be a part of. No matter how much he does it, it will never lose its sense of awe and cuteness to me.”

Ellen explained that Lionel has learned several tricks, mostly in a forlorn effort to get one of her other birds, Henrietta, to notice him.

She said: “To date he has learned to play peekaboo, wolf whistle, sing parts of ‘The Wheels On The Bus’ and click repeatedly.

“Lionel loves to listen and talk, it’s very much part of his personality.

“He listens to the nursery rhymes we sing to our Quaker parrot Henrietta all the time.

“He is in love with her and I think he tries to mimic them to impress her. Sadly it’s the ultimate story of unrequited love.”

Ellen rescued Henrietta, along with a third bird Jerry, when a nearby pet store was hit by heavy flooding and couldn’t look after all its animals.

After returning eight of the birds she was fostering at the time, Ellen found herself unable to part with three of them.

She said: “We took Lionel in at the end of March last year after a local pet store was affected by a major flood.

“He was one of eleven birds we fostered during the flood, and we had them for about a month before the store was ready to take them back.

“When the time came, we had grown too attached to Lionel, Jerry and Henrietta, to send them back.

“So we purchased all three of them and have had them ever since. Sadly we couldn’t keep all eleven of them, as much as we would have liked to.”