By Mollie Mansfield

A stunning woman is regularly mistaken for pop-star Katy Perry – and is even stopped for selfies!

Gaby Perry has been mistaken for the pop-star since she was 18-years-old when she had a fringe cut and dyed her hair brown.

Gaby then started to copy the singers dress style and recreated her make-up and hair looks on a regular basis.


Since then, Gaby, now 24, has been confused with the pop star wherever she goes and is regularly stopped for selfies and mistaken on social media.

However Gaby, who refers to herself with the star’s surname, claims that looking like Katy Perry can be hard work as internet trolls accuse her of not being herself.

Gaby, from Quebec, Canada, said: “I am a huge fan of Katy, and since I’ve been mistaken for her I have based my image around her more.

“That’s because I find her such an inspiring person and we did already have a lot of similarities in our look, so it was easy.


“Our main difference is that I’m a lot shorter than her! I’m only 5ft 3 inches, but Katy is 5ft 8 inches.

“I’ve recreated her costumes when I’ve seen her on tour, and I’ve based make-up looks on her before, but I am still my own person.

“People have voiced their concerns that I’m trying to be someone else, but honestly I think it’s a misconception of me.”

Since her teenage years, Gaby has always been mistaken for the singer when she leaves the house.

And she has even been confused for the real Katy Perry on Facebook – something that causes the social media site to tag Katy Perry in photographs of Gaby.


She added: “There has been a few times when I would post a selfie and Facebook would automatically tag Katy in the picture.

“I thought it was odd and maybe a glitch, but later realized Facebook face recognition was mistaking my selfies for Katy Perry.

“When I go shopping in bigger cities I always hear whispers from people saying I look like Katy Perry at every corner I turn.

“I am constantly stared at and sometimes even stopped for selfies, and I always offer selfies to kids who stare at me also.”


However, now that Katy has cut her hair short and dyed it blonde, Gaby has noticed that she is not confused as the singer so often.

Gaby said: “Since Katy has cut her hair I don’t get mistaken for her as much – I look like her more in her ‘California Girls’ days.

“Now people just comment on how much I look like Katy, without double-taking me for her.

“I do really like looking like her, but at the same time I enjoy that she has cut her hair so it differentiates us a lot.

“I’m not planning on chopping mine either so I’ll stick to the ‘iconic’ Katy Perry look!”