Animals Video

By Katy Gill 

This relieved dog owner was reassured to find his ‘missing’ pup found tucked up and snoring in his bed.

On the morning of February 14, Ameer Aleem, couldn’t locate one-year-old pit bull and loyal companion Simba, anywhere in his house.

Despite repeatedly calling out his name there was no sign of Simba until the rap artist started hearing strange grunts coming from his bedroom in Egg Harbour Township, NJ, USA.

The source of the noise soon becomes apparent as 65lb Simba is found wrapped head to paw in the sheets snoring loudly, leading Ameer to joke ‘I guess you must be King Joffery Joffer’ from the Eddie Murphy film Coming to America.

However, the only response received back from the sleepy pup was a guilty looking side eye and a slow blink indicating nap time wasn’t yet over.

Ameer said: “Simba looked mighty comfortable in my bed.

“I politely asked him if I could have my bed back, but he wasn’t feeling it.

“I had been looking for him everywhere until I found him under the sheets.

“He was lying there like a grown man.

“I know it’s a nice Californian king bed, so I understand why he was lying in it.”