Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley 

This is an amazing way to keep up with your four-legged friends on two wheels.

The dog sled sport bikejoring sees riders race distances of five to 10 kilometres while being pulled along by dogs.


Racers can hit speeds of over 30mph as their canine companions give them a huge boost over rough terrain.

Igor Tracz, 41, from Gdansk, Poland, is a six-time world champion in dog sled sports both on and off snow.

He filmed himself with his 18-month old pup Carbin training near the northern Polish village of Track Wielkie.


Igor said: “I love the sport. It’s real teamwork. On the uphill stretches the dog can really help the rider, and he can give you up to 30 percent more speed.

“You can reach maximum speeds of 30 miles per hour.

“I first started bikejoring when I got my first dog in 2001 and saw other people doing it.

“You have to love your dogs and train with them every day. There has to be complete trust between animal and rider.

“I now have 14 sport dogs. I have a mix of them, with some greysther, mixed German shorted pointers and greyhounds.

“I use professional dog sleds in winter and then in summer we switch to bikes. My old dogs still live with me and we go running for fun.”