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By Bilal Kuchay

This is the jaw dropping moment an Indian man and his son survived miraculously even as their speeding car overturned after hitting a road divider on a highway in India.

The shocking incident, which has been captured in a close-circuit camera, occurred on Sunday in Lichinandal village in Morbi in the western Indian state of Gujarat.

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Ramesh Govind Padsumbiya, 45, and his son Chirag Padsumbiya, 20, were travelling back to their home in a white hatchback after attending a wedding ceremony.

In the video, the highway seems almost empty when Ramesh, who was driving the car, lost control over the vehicle and hit the road divider. The car overturns twice amid a cloud of dust.

However, to everyone’s surprise both of them escaped unhurt.

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Scores of men in the visuals can be seen rushing for their help but both Ramesh and Chirag can be seen getting out of the car on their own.

“Everyone is surprised how they survived in the accident.

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“The car got badly damaged in the accident but there was not even a single injury mark on their body,” said an eye witness, Harish Kumar.