Offbeat Video

By Charlotte Regen 

Cue amazement for this pool trickster whose multi table shots will leave you spinning to work out how he manages it.

Florian Kohler, 28, nicknamed Venom, from Las Vegas, USA, framed pool trick shots in a whole new light when he was filmed making pots over multiple tables.


Having become a full-time professional trick shot player, Florian has the entire day to invent and practice new shots.

His latest idea has been to introduce several tables into his routines.

Florian said: “I honestly think this is some of my best work simply because the difficulty level and creativity that was involved.

“Not only the shots are difficult but moving the tables back and worth all night was very tough.


“I have done so many tricks it’s difficult to say which one was hardest but I would say one of the tricks with two tables and the trampoline was absolute madness.

“I have been doing single tables trick shots for the last 10 years so adding more tables was the natural evolution.

“This is my full time job, and I practice these trick shots every day.”