Animals Video

By Bilal Kuchay

This is the terrifying moment, an Indian family spots a six-feet long rat snake hiding behind the air conditioner in their bedroom.

The family of Prafulla Kumar Dash of Jagamara in Bhubaneswar in the India’s eastern state of Odisha, was terrified when they spotted the snake believed to have ventured into the room following the rodents.


The family didn’t disturb the reptile, instead they monitored its movement besides calling the Snake Helpline, an organisation that focuses on the health of snakes and assists in snake rescues in the state, for help.

As volunteer Subhendu Mallik reached to the spot, the snake had vanished.

He said: “The entire family was terrified. They were watching from the other room and informed that the snake had entered into the AC.

“Another person was standing outside the bedroom keeping constant eye the snake might leave the room.”

As the snake had hid completely behind the air conditioner, a mechanic was called to assist.


Visuals show mechanic, Sheikh Farid wearing a red shirt, opening the air conditioner and spraying aerosol in it.

Once the snake was spotted underneath the machine, snake expert Subhendu Mallik swung into action and took the reptile out.

In the video, Mallik can be seen holding the snake’s tail with one hand and trying to control it using a snake hook with another.

Mallik said: “Once the AC was opened, my job was easy. It took me only 15 minutes to capture the snake, six-feet in length.

“My belief is the snake had taken shelter under the AC following rodents because when we opened the AC, we found rat droppings underneath the machine.”

The snake was later released into its natural habitat.