Life Video

By Becca Husselbee 

A toddler was very impressed with herself after retrieving a piece of gum that was wedged in her nostril.

Three-year-old, Makena Kreager, was captured on video by father Joshua Kreager, at a gas station in North Carolina, as tells her to blow the chewing gum out of her nose.

Joshua, from Marysville, Calfornia, said: “My daughter is definitely a very determined and fearless little girl but also a goof.

“I just gave her a piece of gum, which was never a problem up to that point) and when I checked on her I noticed it was gone.

“My initial thought was that she swallowed it. Then, I saw just peek of white in her nose.

“I couldn’t have planned to capture the cuteness yet deviance of my daughter.

“I just stayed with recording as I asked her questions and she ended up sniffing the gum farther in her sinus as she hasn’t quite figured out how to blow out through her nose yet.

“That’s what caused her to sneeze and video magic was mad.”

Thankfully, the gum becomes dislodged after causing her to sneeze.

He said: “I don’t panic easy or right away in most situations. So, I was pretty calm while thinking about how I was going to get it out.”