Animals Video

By Katy Gill

A group of divers were lucky enough to encounter the worlds oldest sea creature.

The Ctenophores, commonly known as comb jellies, are an invertebrate animal that lives in marine waters and are notable for the groups of cilia they use for swimming.

Jorge Moreno Mendoza, 20, from the Canary Islands, was diving with a group, at the marine reserve of El Hierro (Canary Islands), near La Restinga, in February, when they captured the footage of creature shrinks in size from fear.

Pic by Jorge Moreno Mendoza/Caters News

Jorge, studying a degree in Biology, said: “You can see how the divemaster points at the strange creature, so I approached to record it up close.

“This animal adopts a defensive position shrinking itself in a possibly dangerous situation, like being touched.

“Ctenophores are one of the oldest animals on earth. They are pretty similar to the jellyfishes, but they do not sting.

“They have a special type of cells called ctenoblasts, which are sticky and help them to depredate.”

Pic by Jorge Moreno Mendoza/Caters News

Jorge only started diving last summer but has nearly 40 dives under his belt already but says the video got a very strange reaction from those who saw it.

He said: “Many people asked me what the hell it was, most of them thought it was a jellyfish and I can’t blame them.

“Many people asked me is it dangerous or if it’s a jellyfish. My family freaked out because it seemed so strange.”