Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

This is the hilarious moment that a mama bear and her three cubs all get startled at the same time.

All four brown bears lumber up on to their back legs as they panic and look around to try and see what’s going on.

Pic by Miha Mlakar/Caters News

The four bears were caught on camera in Notranjska, Slovenia and were captured by Miha Mlakar- who works for a bear-spotting and photography tour company.

Miha said: “In my work, I regularly meet bears and I witness a lot of interesting moments during those gatherings.

“The cubs stay with their mother for the first two years of their lives. During this time, the cubs learn basic and fundamental life lessons.

“The female bear protects and cares for her cubs. She is extremely attentive and constantly on alert of any possible hazardous situations.

Pic by Miha Mlakar/Caters News

“She reacts to the slightest sound. In this situation, the bear family was afraid for no reason. There was no one there except for them – they were afraid of themselves.

“Bears always roam along the fixed animal trails that lead to their feeding grounds, areas where they search for shelter, mating areas, etc.”

Slovenianbears allow people to go on bear watching and photography tours. They have a network of 8 locations with 20 hides that can either be booked separately or visited within the scope of a photo tour.

They’re well located as their hides are in an area that holds one of the world’s richest densities of brown bears.

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