By Jack Williams

A pair of inventors have created incredibly intricate ice cube moulds, allowing users to make bizarre cubes in the shape of PRESIDENT TRUMP’S HEAD.

The amazingly life-like Trump cubes are a result of the handy work of Ben Polkinghorne and Scott Kelly.

Pic by Myles New Creatives / Caters

Their hand-moulded Trump trays were created as a way of raising awareness of Trump and America’s decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement: ice-heads that allow those drinking to cool down while the Earth warms up.

The idea came to the British-based pair around six months ago, and since announcing the trays’ availability, the response has been extremely positive, Ben and Scott said.

They have almost sold all of their Trump trays, with the profits being donated to the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF).

Pic by Myles New Creatives / Caters

As well as their practical trays, the duo also devised a selection of classic cocktails tied to global warming talking points and Trump himself.

Names of the cocktails include the “Trumptini” and “Sex On The Disappearing Beach.”

Ben said: “We’d love to say we came up with the idea over a couple of drinks.

“The truth is, we can’t remember – it was about six months ago though.

Pic by Myles New Creatives / Caters

“We were probably talking about Trumpy pulling out of the Paris Agreement and how powerless we were to do something about it.

“We didn’t want to feel that way, so we wanted to do something.

“People enjoy what we’ve done, but they also see the serious message we’re getting across.

“The Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) are a great bunch.

“They’re working tirelessly to protect the natural environment – and the people and wildlife that depend upon it.

“We had the opportunity to meet the team and the money truly couldn’t got to a more deserving cause.”