By Charlotte Nisbet

An artistic mum has used her three kids, husband, dozens of household props – and even the family dog – to create dozens of ingenious photos.

Vanessa Rivera, 28, decided to capture her daily life in a series of photographs last January and began posting them online.


The family, from California, US, now have a huge following on Instagram as people from across the globe are fascinated by Vanessa’s images.

Vanessa’s husband, Anthony, 29, their daughter, Adyline, six, and their two sons, Xander, two and Indie, one, and their dog, Yoshi, all feature in a number of striking poses every day.

The mum of three is so creative that some of her images even create the illusion that the family are flying through the air.

Vanessa claims that most of her inspiration comes from trying to turn everyday moments with her family into something magical.


The Instagram influencer, said: “I would have to say my favourite image of all is the our family portrait photo.

“It is my favourite because I feel like it depicts our family perfectly and because it is our first photo all together. We as a family are very silly and fuel of laughter and playfulness so I think this photo captured us perfectly.

“Last year I graduated with an English degree and planned on becoming a high school teacher, but plans changed at the end of the year when my Instagram began to grow. Now I am a full time Instagram influencer.”


Vanessa has been amazed by the amount of support she’s received online and loves nothing more than being creative with her family.

She said: “I receive so much love and support from our audience since I created our page ‘Aivax’ last year.

“We get a lot of people that are inspired by us to create their own photos.

“We also get a lot of people who appreciate our photos and smiles they create. It is so awesome to see how many people love our work!


“I use Photoshop for most of my photos which can create the illusion that our kids and dog are flying, it’s amazing and I love creating new images.”

Vanessa’s main models and inspiration are her children but it’s not always as easy as it looks.

She said: “There are days when they like it and days when they don’t which is why we try to make it as much of a fun experience as possible.


“We try to make them do poses that will get them to laugh and distract them from the idea that they are being photographed.

“We’re lucky our dog, Yoshi is such a good boy, we are so lucky to have him and the kids love him being part of the photos.”