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By Nelson Groom

A single mum claims she has used her skills in SWEARING to go from being £81,000 in debt to making £1.7 million a year.

Katrina Ruth, from Brisbane, Australia, fell into the world of motivational coaching after the collapse of her marriage left her racking up debt caring for her two children.

Chris Collins / Caters News

Now, the 38-year-old boasts a portfolio of investment properties, drives a £76,000 Mercedes and keeps an enviable wardrobe of designer clothing.

And Katrina believes it all happened when she learned to speak her mind – including not holding back on profanities – and now teaches her clients to do the same.

Katrina, who previously worked in the fitness industry, said: “I turned my life around when I started speaking my mind and swearing.

“As soon as I started posting online stuff like ‘f**k your pretty website,’ ‘ f**k your strategy’, I quickly got a name for it.

“I grew up in a Christian household where I was forbidden from cursing. I never did it until my early thirties, when I learned you have got to say what you think.”

Chris Collins / Caters News

Predictably, as a self-described ‘black sheep’ of the entrepreneurial industry, Katrina has ruffled some feathers with her frank approach – and ability to curse like a sailor.

But she said she now has thousands of high-flying customers across the planet so has little reason to start cleaning up her vocabulary any time soon.

And Katrina believes her clients stand to reap the same financial rewards if they follow in her sweary footsteps – even if that means losing some relationships along the way.

Katrina said: “I’m a bit of a black sheep. A lot of people in my industry say ‘she’s too aggressive, she’s inappropriate.’ But that’s the price you pay to do business on your own terms.

Chris Collins / Caters News

“Saying things that might be considered inappropriate, or at least saying things you might say while drinking with friends, is what I found works for business.

“There will probably be some fallout from friends or spouses saying ‘you’ve changed,’ or ‘this is not professional.

“But it attracts people who think or work in the same way as you, which is always the best people to do business with.”

Katrina said her clients are 90 per cent women ranging in age from 25 to 50, and come from professions as varied at novelists to Pilates instructors.

She mostly delivers her services online to clients across Australia and the US, but she also hosts a number of face-to-face workshops.

And she has some strong for anyone considering following into her profanity-laden lane.

Katrina said: “Most people live behind a mask. They’re terrified to speak their truth. But it pays when you learn to be yourself.”