Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This is the intense moment a diver pushes a 12-foot-long tiger shark away from barging into another swimmer’s back.

While on a tour off Tiger Beach, Bahamas, diver Joe Wong leaves the rest of the party and heads back to the group’s boat at the surface.


Having turned away from the massive animals, one of the 1000lb predators called Hook, doubles back on her course and heads jaws first towards Joe’s back.

As she gets closer to the unaware swimmer’s body, Eli Martinez gets in the shark’s path and pushes her nose away with his hand at the last minute.

Originally filmed in October 2014, it was recently posted by Eli to remind people not to turn their backs while shark diving as they know if you aren’t looking at them.

Eli said: “I have known Hook for 10 years.

“It is unwise to turn your back to a tiger shark, because they know when divers are looking and when they are not.


“They tend to approach divers closer that are not looking.

“Tigers by nature are ambush predators and it is just an instinctual response for them.

“Hook may have just swum up to Joe, bumped his fins and then swam off.

“Or she could have tried to bite him.

“Those are chances that I, as a safety diver with people under my care, am not willing to take.

“Had I been further away and unable to intervene, then I would have been worried about what was happening.”