By Hayley Pugh

It’s almost hard to see SWAT’S UP with this frustrated little lion cub as he tries to get rid of a tiny fly buzzing around his head.

The cute cub pulled a series of funny expressions as he attempted to swat the pesky insect with his paw.

PIC BY Johan de Wet / CATERS NEWS 

Photographer, Johan DeWet, was on holiday with his wife, Ilza, at the Kgalagadi Game Reserve in the Northern Cape of South Africa, when they caught sight of the pride.

The 54-year-old, from Centurion, was watching the cub at a waterhole when he noticed the youngster becoming exasperated.

He said: “The cub was keeping itself entertained by either investigating its surroundings or harassing his mum and other females of the pride.

PIC BY Johan de Wet / CATERS NEWS 

“After a while it went to lie down slightly to one side and we could see it was bothered by something.

“We couldn’t immediately see what it was, until we saw it watching a fly that was zooming around its head.

“I focused my camera on him, expecting something to happen and I then caught the sequence.


“We thoroughly enjoyed watching this little one and fully empathised with him when the fly was bothering him so much.

“It was funny to see how even in the animal world they use human-like reactions such as trying to swat the annoyance around their head.”