Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

Claustrophobics look away now – as this caver gets himself into a real tight spot.

Bryce Smith, who is 6ft 7in at his full height, managed to squeeze himself into a tiny cave.


With a lot of grunting, he filmed himself slowly rotating inside the cramped space while trying not to get stuck.

He eventually manages to get his head pointing in the right direction to crawl back out of the cave.

The biology student and volunteer firefighter was undertaking a bat biology study on a ranch outside Johnson City, Texas.


Bryce, 21, said: “I had previously found this little squeeze on the trip where we surveyed this cave so when I returned, I wanted to get a little clip of me coming in headfirst, turning around in very tight quarters, then leaving headfirst.

“I set up my camera and light in a little corner, then executed a tight turn. My friend came in behind me to retrieve the camera and light.

“This cave is quite small, and doesn’t go very deep. We were only 20 feet underground for this video.


“I don’t mind tight spaces like that. I’m fortunate enough to not get claustrophobic. I actually feel weirdly comforted by little spaces such as these.

“If I had managed to get stuck I’d just ask whoever was with me to send for help. They would call other cavers or rescue personnel.

“We found some very interesting crinoid fossils from the Pennsylvanian Era in these caves. It’s always cool to find fossils in caves.”