Offbeat Video

By Harriet Whitehead

A six-year-old boy who carefully wrote about his half-term holiday for show and tell left his parents in hysterics after describing the fun they’d had in Norf**k.

Little Yusuf Hajat beamed with joy when he showed mum Hafiza and dad Taheer Hajat his scrapbook detailing what he got up to in East Anglia – blissfully unaware he’d included the foul-mouthed word.


The schoolboy was simply doing what was asked of him by using the phonic alphabet – correctly spelling out Norf**k instead of Norfolk, said his proud mum.

Taheer, 36, and Hafiza, 36, had taken Yusuf and eight-year-old brother Zayn to the county and asked them to write about it for school ‘show and tell’.

Primary school teacher Hafiza from Humberstone, Leicestershire, said: “The spelling is phonetically correct so I can’t tell him off for it, they’re the sounds they are taught.

“He ran in and showed it to me and my husband and we had to hold it together and tell him ‘it’s amazing’.

“We focused on that and then had a giggle afterwards.

“He’s not swearing and he’s not done it because he thinks that word exists and he can squeeze it in somewhere.

“I’ve got a picture of him holding it and if you look at his little face – he has no idea.


“You can tell he has no idea what he’s written.

“He’s done it in bubble writing and that’s a huge amount of effort when you’re six years old.

“It’s genuine and I don’t want to correct it because it is correct in a way.

“He got the ‘ck’ sound and he thought about it really carefully – and with it being in bubble writing that takes it up a notch.

“We were wondering whether we should correct him but how do you do that – how do you explain why you are correcting it?

“You wouldn’t correct a child of his age if he’s using phonics correctly. You can’t really say ‘that’s a naughty word’ as you’re then introducing it and having to explain why.”

The mum of two, who teaches at Yusuf’s school, showed it to her work colleagues who she said ‘loved it’ and shared the blunder on social media.

Hafiza said: “I shared it in a family group with my brothers and sisters and it brought a bit of cheer to people.

“His brother Zayn had not picked up on it – although he’s picked up that there’s something funny because of the number of phone calls we’ve had from aunties and uncles congratulating Yusuf for his writing.


“The boys like to look at things on Instagram like National Geographic and they always point out how many likes something has.

“I’d spoken to Yusuf about his writing and sharing it on Instagram and asked him how many likes he thought it would have.

“He said about 3,000. When I showed him it had 11,000 he was amazed.

“It’s given him a big boost. He’s been telling people if they need help with their writing to come to him.

“He thinks people like his writing and doesn’t fully understand there’s another reason for liking it.

“I think it will be something that will be brought back up on his wedding day. It’s definitely one to keep.”

The primary school teacher admitted it’s not the first time she’s had to stifle giggles when children haveshowed off their writing.


Hafiza said: “It’s so hilarious when they come up with things like this. We’ve had some real corkers.

“I had a really hilarious one where we set up a scene a bit like Toy Story.

“The kids brought their toys in and the teachers moved them around so it looked like they were naughty toys and had been doing things behind the children’s backs.

“I’d put the Barbie upside down like she was rooting through my bag and the little girl had written that ‘Barbie didn’t like it because you could see her tights’ but she’d written ‘tits’.

“It’s so genuine but obviously there’s a completely different take on it as an adult.

“My son Zayn also once told someone he liked their ‘vagina’ jacket but he meant ‘designer’ – he must have heard somebody say that somewhere.”