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By Nelson Groom

An Australian couple have committed to the ups and downs of marriage by tying the knot on the peak of a ROLLERCOASTER.

Wollongong-based Logan Stojcevski, 32, and John Woods, 35, waited until same-sex marriage was legalized in Australia last December to plan their big day.

Six Flags Magic Mountain / Caters News

Instead of walking down the aisle, the thrill-seekers decided to make their dreams come true while plummeting 11 stories (120 feet) down their favourite ride.

GoPro footage from the ceremony on Thursday morning shows the pair saying their vows aboard the Twisted Colossus rollercoaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles, California.

Speaking just hours after taking the plunge, salesman John said: “We’ve always been left of centre and knew we wanted to do this a little bit different.

John Woods / Caters News –

“A rollercoaster has twists and turns, ups and downs, so we thought it was the best place to get married. And this one was our favourite when we holidayed here in 2015.

“The minister sitting behind us was a good friend of ours. He said it was definitely the most memorable wedding he’s ever done!

“And our friends said it was a lot more comfortable than alter chairs!”

The couple met in 2014 in Sydney and took a vacation to the U.S. and Canada the following year, where they first visited the Six Flags Magic Mountain park and got engaged.

John Woods / Caters News

Last month they contacted the attraction and arranged to wed on a private ride of the roller coaster with two friends and the minister at 10.20am – before the theme park officially opened to guests.

Logan, who works in disability care, said: “I’m obsessed with roller coasters and Six Flags, it’s my favourite place in the world.

“We were just waiting for the laws to be changed in Australia so we could avoid the wedding politics and keep it simple.

John Woods / Caters News

“It was a perfect day. We’re planning a celebration when we got back to Sydney, but we haven’t decided on a honeymoon yet. It’s hard to top this!”