By Bilal Kuchay

This heartwarming picture series show a family of monkeys snuggling up on a windowpane as it snows heavily outside a snow resort in India.

The adorable pictures were taken by freelance photojournalist Muneeb Ul Islam at Daksum – a tourist destination Kashmir valley-known as paradise on earth.

 Muneeb Ul Islam/ Caters News

The series show five monkeys including a baby perfectly adjusted themselves, in uniform position, on a small window painted in white as the entire place is under snow.

In another snap, three monkeys are photographed sitting on one window and two others in another window,  giving the photographer a perfect frame.

Muneeb said: “I along with few photojournalists went to Daksum to click pictures of the snowfall.

“Though I have seen monkeys roaming around this old hut every time I visit this place but I was surprised to see them sitting in such a way.

 Muneeb Ul Islam/ Caters News

“It was an adorable moment. I’m very happy that I captured this moment in my camera.”

Muneeb added that soon he clicked some pictures, another group of primates started approaching him.

“It first seemed to me that they were looking for food because everything there was covered by snow.

“But within few minutes, I felt they got scared and ran away.”

 Muneeb Ul Islam/ Caters News

Situated at 8000-ft above sea level, Daksum is a village of some seventy-odd houses.

It’s the last village in the Brengi River Valley, after which the road rises 32 km to Sinthan Top, a 12,450-ft-high pass en route Kishtwar.

Swathed in coniferous forests, gurgling streams and hidden grassy meadows, Daksum is trekker’s paradise.