Offbeat Video

By Nicolas Fernandes

A makeup artist has been transforming her face into blockbuster film posters from Star Wars, Alien and Jaws to Boogie Nights.

Lexie Lazear, 37, of Oakland, California, USA, creates the unusual designs to commemorate her famous movies and posts them online for her 18,000 followers to see.

After launching a similar series inspired by artworks in 2016, she decided to try recreating a different form of art.


In the past six weeks, she has posted 15 different looks inspired by classics such as Star Wars, Jaws, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Alien.

In some of the looks, she simply mimicked the colors of the poster, while others involved a more complex design.

These included the recreation of the star from the Boogie Nights poster around her right eye and the pattern of Beetlejuice’s suit on her lips.

Lexie said: “I really love the process of interpreting something into a new form of art. It’s exciting to find different types of art to get creative with.

“I spend some time looking at the poster and then I try to figure out what is most iconic and how I can turn that into makeup. I basically just look for interesting shapes or details.

“I started with Star Wars because it’s one of my favorites and then I did some more of my 80’s favorites before taking recommendations.


“Now I have a folder of recommendations that I just flip through when I’m searching for my next look.

“I mixed a lot of different colors to get the exact shade used on the poster.

“For something like Purple Rain, I just mixed colors together to get the particular shade of purple, but for something like Boogie Nights, I actually recreated the star that is the basis of the poster.

“I look at the posters and already have a good idea of what I’m going to do for the eyes and lips. Then I start thinking of the rest.”

Lexie has received more than 8,000 likes on her series as well as numerous positive comments.

She said: “Everyone seems to really like it. There’s a soft place in our hearts for all these movies.


“People follow me because they want to see weird and creative makeup designs, which is exactly what I do.”

A makeup artist for two decades, Lexie started posting quirky looks on Instagram two years ago.

She says the hobby allows her to get more artistic with her skills.

Lexie said: “I like to do weird makeup that I don’t get a chance to do at work and that will probably never make it to a photo shoot.

“It’s my job, but it’s also my medium. I like to push boundaries whenever I can.”

“I play with a lot of different colors. A lot of the stuff on my Instagram page was inspired by a flower or a weird painting that I saw somewhere.


“I’m happy to know that there are humans out there interested in what I do.”

While Lexie will continue to add to the series, she is already thinking of doing album cover inspired designs for her next series.

Lexie said: “I tend to keep going with a series until I’m no longer inspired by that concept. Then I move on to something new. I’ll likely wind up doing more than 20 movie poster looks.

“We know exactly what our favorite album covers look like, but I think people would love to see a similar color scheme done through makeup.”