Offbeat Video

By Lauren Fruen

THIS luxury tiny home on wheels boasts all the fittings of a fully furnished full sized two bedroom flat.

The 317-square-feet house has a kitchen with a four-burner range cooker, fridge and sink.


It also boasts a bathroom with a bathtub and a living room with a sofa and dining table.

The is even the option of fitting a washing machine should the homeowner want.

The towable homes start at $65,000 and one model even has TWO bedrooms and loft space.


The home – designed by Tiny Innovations  – can also go off grid with a solar power option.

The company say they “put the dream of home ownership back within reach”.

They say: “Living in a tiny home doesn’t mean you have to downsize – we build modern, versatile, fully custom Tiny Living homes that are as beautiful as they are functional.


“The population is growing, and there’s a shortage of affordable places to live.

“We need additional housing solutions for those that whom traditional home ownership is out of reach – mortgages are too expensive in many markets, property taxes are rising and incomes aren’t.”