Offbeat Video

By Lauren Fruen

THIS time lapse video shows how one artist creates 3D drawings of famous faces, animals and everyday objects.

Nikola Culjic has a way of making art really pop using just pencils and paper.

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The self taught artist has racked up an impressive online following thanks to the images which literally leap of the page.

He manages to manipulate perspectives by cutting the paper around the image and manipulating angles to make it look life like.

Nikola, who lives in Serbia, said he started to draw “by accident” but now spends most days on his incredible three-dimensional-looking images.

Caters News

The 32-year-old added: “I began to paint these pictures quite accidentally, it was 4 years ago. At the beginning were simple pictures, playing with shadows and light. I did it all with a graphite pencil.

“When on social networks I achieved success with the first images, I was slowly moving to more complicated colored drawings.

“My progress has been growing from year to year and now I am here on this level, but I’m not satisfied yet.

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“My favorite drawing is of a 3D Gameboy.

“It caused a lot of confusion on social networks with most people assuming it could not be a drawing!

“I spend anything from a few hours to a few days on each drawing – it all depends on the size and detail of the drawing.

Caters News

“I like to draw objects that are in the natural size so at first glance you do not know it is a flat drawing.”