Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

This adorable corgi’s little legs can’t take her any further – as she appears to get stuck stranded in the snow.

On a ski trip with her owner, Lupine, the two-year-old Pembroke corgi, finds herself in a sticky situation.

After stepping off the flattened path, Lupine struggles to make her way back to her owner and momentarily gets stuck.

However, with enough giant leaps, Lupine manages to make her way out of the snow and back to the loving arms of her owner.

This footage was captured by Lupine’s owner, Hannah Lieasau, in Fairbanks, Alaska.


Hannah said: “This is Lupine’s second winter in Alaska and she loves the snow.

“We went out skiing as the sun was starting to set and Lupine was running too close to the edge of the pack trail and it gave away – causing her to get stuck in a hole for about three minutes.

“Lupine is very clever, she tried to climb out a few different ways but her little legs couldn’t get over the hard pack snow wall.

“She hopped like a little snow bunny back onto the trail.

“I knew I had to record her because she is a very brave and clever dog and I knew she would figure it out.

“She also wears a harness with a handle – if she ever gets too stuck in the deep snow, I can pull her out!”