By Kristiana Hall

There are not many people who would fancy being in this photographer’s shoes – inches away from the gleaming teeth of a shark as it launches into dinner.

David Robinson / Simone Caprodossi/ Caters News

British marine biologist David Robinson separated from the hungry sharks by just a metal cage – but still had to get perilously close to the amazing creature to capture the incredible shots.

In a unique series of images, the Great White sharks were photographed lunging at large fish, with their teeth gleaming as he swam around Guadalupe Island, Mexico.

And David, from York, also managed to take some unique images which show the sharks half in-half out of the water – thanks to a cleverly designed pole-cam.

David Robinson / Caters New

David said: “We had a team of professional shark wranglers who were watching out for us at all times, but it was still very exhilarating.

“The shark wranglers attract the sharks close to the boat and shark cages using bait, usually in the form of fish heads, to bring the sharks close to the cage.

David Robinson / Simone Caprodossi/ Caters News

“The sharks are so beautiful and amazing to observe; you cannot help but feel a sense of awe and respect when in their presence.

“For the close-up images, underwater photographer, Simone Caprodossi and I teamed up using a pole camera system with a remote trigger system to get that little bit closer, as you can see, it was a success.”