Life Video

By Kim Reader

Meet the baby who looks like he was born to rock ‘n’ roll thanks to his luscious brown locks that naturally stand on end – and sometimes even need to be put in an adorable top knot.


First-time mum Keilly Wilson, 33, got the shock of a lifetime when her son Ronnie Wilson, now six months, was born with a full head of thick black hair.

The tot, who even shares a name with Rolling Stones legend Ronnie Wood, is like a mini celebrity when his mum tries to go anywhere with strangers crowding around to coo over his funky barnet.


And ‘cheeky’ Ronnie is no stranger to star treatment as he spends every night ‘chilling out’ while Keilly blowdries his mad mane.

Commodity broker Keilly, of St Albans, Herts, said: “Ronnie came out like that, it’s mental. I couldn’t believe it when he was born.

“I looked down at him and thought ‘what’s wrong with his head?’ because it was all black where his hair was stuck together. Once he’d had it washed we could see how long and fluffy it was.


“It was a bit of a shock but it is very cute. When he was born it was already about two inches long and it hasn’t stopped growing since. It’s down to his chin now.

“Everyone comments on his hair, everywhere we go. Whether we’re in the supermarket, in a restaurant or even waiting in a queue people will just come over and go ‘oh my God look at all his hair’ like I didn’t know.

“It’s a nightmare trying to get anywhere because strangers just flock around us and I end up spending 15 minutes chatting to them about his hair and they all want to touch it.

“Everyone says how he looks like a little rock star. He looks like he should be a member of Oasis, he’s even got little sideburns.


“It’s so long that every night after his bath he has to have his hair blow dried and brushed. He absolutely loves it, he finds it really relaxing. He just lies there chilling out.

“And when I try to feed him, he gets bits of banana in his fringe so I’ve started putting it in a top knot which is not something I expected to be doing so soon but it’s very cute. Soon he’ll need his first hair cut.”

While Keilly knows that Ronnie’s rocker hairdo will need a trim soon, it will be a battle to convince his dad Edward Wilson, 31.

Edward, also a commodity broker, who sports his own shoulder-length locks has grown very attached to his baby boy’s bouffant and is determined to let it grow.


Keilly said: “My husband has forbidden me from cutting Ronnie’s hair, he loves it too much.

“Edward’s hair is really long and it’s really curly, it’s beautiful. Ronnie has definitely got his dad’s genes so there’s no way he’s ever going to have a ‘normal’ boy haircut.

“But it’s all really trendy nowadays. Long hair and beards are the ‘in’ thing.

“He will definitely need a trim soon because I don’t want it getting in his eyes but not too short. I can’t imagine him without all his hair. He is so cheeky so it really suits his personality.


“He is so cute. Being a mum has been tougher than I ever imagined and I am so sleep-deprived but it’s all so worth it. Being a mum is so rewarding, it’s amazing.”