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By Kirstie Sutheran


This unlucky bride got a great reception after she was rescued from being stuck in a lift for almost an hour.

As she was on her way to getting her dress bustled at The Providence Biltmore in Rhode Island, USA, Melissa McNamara Rodger became trapped between the 17th and 18th floor.

With her bridesmaids waiting for the 32-year-old, they quickly realised something was wrong and began shouting down the shaft on February 17.

Pic from Caters News

After the fire service were called, Melissa and her new husband Justin realised she would be stuck for quite a while.

Guests rallied around however, and once the lift was open a glass of champagne was handed to the occupational therapist, so she could still enjoy her cocktail hour.

Occupational therapist Melissa said: “It was quite boring for the first 30 minutes but once the doors opened it was relief.

“I could see Justin and my family up on the 18th floor and actually speak with the fire chief face to face about what was going on.

“And I was also able to crouch down on the floor to talk with the guests at the cocktail hour on the 17th floor.

Pic from Caters News

“One was able to pass me a glass of champagne to drink while in the elevator.”

While travelling with her two wedding coordinators, Melissa heard a loud noise as the lift shook and came to a standstill.

They acted quickly and contacted hotel reception who rang the local fire services to rescue the trapped trio.

After 20 minutes help arrived but it wasn’t until the elevator company arrived to stabilise the lift, turn the whole system off and reboot it all.

Justin said: “I was shocked that an elevator got stuck going up one floor and worried about her safety.

“I initially thought that the girls would be bustling her dress for a few minutes, take some pictures and be down in 15 minutes.

Pic from Caters News

“As one of the bridesmaids whispered you need to come with me Melissa is stuck in the elevator.

“As I saw a sea of firemen working I knew she would be safe, but my next thought was ‘how long will this take?’”

Eventually the lift started to move again, and Melissa was freed and greeted by cheering guests and cocktails.

Melissa said: “It was a bit of a roller coaster.

“Initially, I was totally calm and fine.

“After 20 mins was becoming a little anxious to get to my party and not miss my entire wedding.

“Once they opened the doors I was elated but then I saw we were between floors and unable to escape so I quickly became down.

Pic from Caters News

“When the doors closed, and the lift started to move again I was nervous but so excited when I saw light coming through the opening doors on the 18th floor.”