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By Nelson Groom 

This is the terrifying moment two huge sharks lurk near the shores of a popular beach – just minutes after a father was maimed by one of the predators.

Nail-biting drone footage above Kiama, New South Wales, Australia, shows two four-metre sharks preying on a school of salmon after the beach was shutdown.


Painter Adam Hoare, 35, was wading back to dry land when he was barreled into from behind by a shark that left him bloodied from puncture wounds to his leg.

It was initially thought to be a bull shark – but never-before-seen footage has surfaced indicating the beast was, in fact, a grey nurse species that hit him by accident.

Adam, who had taken his kids down for an after-school dip, said: “I was just walking back to the beach at low tide when I got hit from behind.”

“It felt like getting smashed in the leg my sledgehammer. It knocked me right off my feet and I landed right on top of it.”

PIC FROM Adam Hoare / Caters News

“I just caught a glimpse of grey and then it took off. It was over in the space of a few seconds, and luckily I’m still in one piece to tell the tale.”

“I called out to my son and told him to go in quick. I was bleeding severely from the puncture wounds but I could still walk.”

“I’ve never seen sharks swimming into whitewash like that. Even the Department of Primary Industries said it was a one of a kind event.”

Despite still recovering from the rattling encounter, Adam said he will have no hesitation returning to the beach, where he has been swimming his whole life.

PIC FROM Adam Hoare / Caters News

After hearing about the online, photographer David Finlay, 45, lost no time seizing the opportunity to capture the beasts stalking shallow waters.

David said: “As soon as I heard what happened I headed straight down. I figured it was a good way to use this technology to identify the shark for safety reasons.”

“I flew my drone up and straight away noticed the two nurses close to the beach feeding off this salmon baitball among the breakers, which is exactly where Adam was hit.”

“I swim at that beach myself, so there’s a bit of self-preservation, but it’s also very popular with tourists so I think it’s important to identify what species it was.”


“Adam said he wasn’t bitten but hit by the shark. When you look at the teeth of a nurse and the wounds in his leg, it’s quite clear this is a nurse shark, about four metres in size.”

“They were definitely fully grown adults. I don’t envy what happened to Adam getting hit at the speed with the teeth out the front. It wouldn’t have been very nice.”