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By Bethany Gleave

A hypnotist believes he is the fastest in the country at putting people to sleep after discovering a handshake technique that works in under a  second.

Rob Mistri, 48, has been practicing hypnotherapy for 20 years and is confident enough he is now challenging other hypnotists to find who is the fastest hypnotist in the UK.


Using a technique called instant handshake induction, Rob, who lives in Flamborough, East Riding of Yorkshire, claims he can induce a ‘sleep like state’ in just milliseconds.

After researching other hypnotists in the UK and watching YouTube videos of those who use the same technique as him Rob came to the conclusion that he is the fastest in the UK.

Rob said: “I use a state of hypnosis called induction. The technique has come over from America and it is instant.

“I tell people first what I am going to do then I shake their hands, say sleep and they sleep.

“It is instant. When people are hypnotised they only do what they would be comfortable doing not in a hypnotised state though.

“I was doing some research a few months ago and I found the world’s fastest hypnotist who uses the same technique as me.

“They were based in the US and the technique originated from there so I didn’t want to take that from them.


“I decided to focus on being the UK’s fastest. I watched lots of videos online and I discovered that I was quicker than them all.

“Obviously I don’t have a formal way of confirming that but I want to encourage other hypnotists in the UK to help revive hypnotherapy and join me to see who is the fastest.

“Hypnotherapy has taken a back seat. There was a buzz around it with the likes of Derren Brown but it has faded over the past few years.

“You don’t really hear about it anymore. I want to try and bring it to the front again and get it recognised.

“I have opened an account with the Guinness World Records and I hope that other hypnotists will join me to see who is the fastest in the UK.

“I want it to be a challenge, there is no official record currently.”


Rob enrolled on a distance learning course 20 years ago to become qualified in hypnotherapy and after receiving his diploma and studying the therapy further he began to offer private sessions and host stage shows.

The dad of one, with partner Sue Cooper, 50, prefers to hypnotise people at their homes as it makes it easier for them to relax and allows him to build a trusting relationship with his clients.

After previously specialising in pain relief Rob now uses his hypnotherapy to treat variety of different issues such as phobias, stopping smoking and weight loss.

Rob said: “I had a full-time job and I was just finding it a bit boring so I decided to enroll in a distance learning course for hypnotherapy.

“It all started when I was younger after I convinced my dad’s friend that I could read his mind so it evolved from there.

“I got my diploma but I still didn’t feel like I had learnt enough so I bought all the books and read even more into it.


“I found it so interesting and I really enjoyed it. I decided to go on stage and do stage shows.

“Some people are really skeptic which doesn’t bode well with stage shows so I also do private consultations.

“I have two hats, my entertaining one and my therapist one. I enjoy going to people in their homes as that is where they feel more comfortable.

“As it has just been January I have been doing a lot of sessions on weight loss but I do the whole range really.

“Unfortunately, the live shows and private consultations don’t do enough for me to do it full time, even though I would love to.”


A Guinness World Records spokesperson said: “Due to the difficulty in measuring hypnotism this is unfortunately not a record category that Guinness World Records would monitor.

“We require every record to be accurately and objectively quantifiable and with records relating to hypnotism, there is no way of proving, without doubt, that participants are hypnotised.”