Life Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

I’m not holding on! A woman who had been confined to a wheelchair for almost two years amazingly manages to stand for the first time – in an emotional moment captured on camera.

Faye Wilson, 26, developed Functional Neurological Disorder in August 2016, a rare neurological condition that causes patients to experience neurological symptoms such as weakness, movement disorders, sensory symptoms and blackouts.


The Mental health nurse, from Wakefield, Yorks, had been unable to open or close her hand, or even stand up by herself for 18 months.

When she was first struck down by the debilitating illness, she lost her speech completely, and managed to regain some use of her arms – but always struggled to regain use of her legs.

In a last ditch attempt, she decided to undergo hypnotherapy in a bid to help her stand again – and incredibly, she was filmed standing again after just one session.


She cries tears of joy as her partner, Chris, filmed her slowly letting go of the mantelpiece in her therapist’s home that she is clutching onto.

Faye said: “I had just completed my hypnotherapy treatment and as soon as I awoke I felt lighter, my legs felt so light where as they would normally feel very heavy and numb.

“I instantly noticed that I could now feel my legs and that my left hand which had been in a fist for two years was open and was freely moving.

“My therapist encouraged me to stand and I did. The overwhelming feeling of standing on my own two feet all on my own is unimaginable!

“I was just so overwhelmed and excited – I finally felt at peace with myself for the first time in years.


“My partner Chris was so emotional. We are not both excited for the future we now had to look forward to.

“I feel truly liberated, and I really do hope that my experience can help others, that is all I have ever wanted to do, hence the reason I trained to be a mental health nurse, unfortunately I was only able to work a few months before I fell ill.

“I now have to listen to a specialised recording every night for three weeks after my treatment, and it is going really well.

“Hopefully I will be back to my old self soon.”