By Jamie Smith

Aww! Sometimes a hug from mum is all you need.

He might be set to be king of the jungle one day, but this little lion cub is clearly still in need of a cuddle from mum.

Pic by Clint Ralph/Caters News

The adorable moment was captured on camera by Clint Ralph, 55, in Maasai Mara, Kenya, while he was on a photographic safari.

Clint said: “We came across this pride of Lions in the marshland.

“They were mostly females with cubs, with one male in attendance.

Pic by Clint Ralph/Caters News 

“We stayed with the family for the morning capturing the cubs fooling around and playing with one another. Every once in a while one of the cubs would go over to their mum to reinforce the bond.

“It was so lovely to see.”