Offbeat Video

By Jasmine Kazlauskas

This is the hilarious moment a cheeky kookaburra swooped down and brazenly photobombed a shocked yoga instructor on camera.

Katia Florean, 38, was on a relaxing detox retreat two weeks ago in Byron Bay, Queensland, Australia, when she decided to practice her usual morning yoga outside in the sunshine to stretch her muscles and prepare for the day.

The mum-of-one often uses her phone to film herself in various yoga poses in order to assess her techniques and to share her exercises on social media.

But Katia, originally from Sydney, was stunned when her tranquil routine was interrupted by the curious kookaburra – who seemed to “appear out of nowhere” and swiftly made himself the star of the show, appearing in the video and even pecking and knocking her phone over in the process.

The yoga and Pilates instructor said the incredible footage was ‘so uniquely Australian’, and even though the kookaburra ruined her video, Katia said she “felt really lucky” to have captured such a hilarious experience on her phone.

Katia said: “Byron Bay is such a gorgeous spot and it was really beautiful and sunny that morning, so I thought it would be nice to practice my yoga outside.

“I sometimes record myself because it really helps me to see what I’m doing and if I’m trying a new exercise or technique, I can share it with my followers on social media.

“I set my phone up on a small table and started recording. I had just laid down my yoga mat and began my first pose when the kookaburra suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“I couldn’t believe that he managed to land right where my phone was. For a few moments, I just waited and watched to see what he would do.

“He started to peck at the phone and then it tipped to the floor.

“He quickly flew back up to a tree with his mate and they were both staring down at me as I ran to see if my phone was okay.

“I had a look back at the video to see if I had captured the moment and to my surprise, I managed to record the entire thing.

“I couldn’t stop laughing. It was absolutely hilarious.

“I think he might have been attracted to the light that was reflecting off the screen.

“I’m not sure what he would have thought when he saw himself on the phone. He might have thought it was another kookaburra.

“Everyone who has seen the video just bursts into laughter. It was a really Aussie experience.

“Kookaburras are known to be quite bold and have a sense of cheekiness about them.

“This one certainly lived up to his reputation.”