Life Video

By Jos Weale

Meet the keep-fit father-of-two who hones his muscles with the ultimate dad workout – by using his children as weights.

Personal trainer Dave Brown, from Chester, Cheshire, claims six-year-old Ryan and Bethan, three, are the perfect gym equipment and regularly lifts them in an array of exercises usually reserved for dumbbells, bars and plates.

In an adorable video the 32-year-old shows off bicep curls, weighted ab-extensions and push-ups using 16kg Bethan and deadlifts and shoulder presses with Ryan, who weighs 22kg.

And sometimes both kids even join forces to up to the load for their energetic dad, clambering onto his back while he performs squats and a gruelling weighted plank.

Dave, who is married to Ryan and Bethan’s mum Laura, 33, said: “It’s great – as they get heavier, I get stronger.

“I’m a dad, so I’m getting climbed all over literally every day anyway. I’m a human climbing frame for them.

“It can be hard for parents to fit in exercise routines when they are with their kids, but I thought I’d show that it doesn’t have to be hard to keep fit.

“Being a parent is probably the most strenuous job to do – and I lift for a living.”

Dave is a former aerospace professional who made a dramatic career switch into personal training two years ago when he launched his Good Shape Fitness brand.

And after swapping a life in the lab to coaching gym-goers, Dave, who plans on launching his own online personal training, said he is all about engaging young people and families to take on a more active and healthy lifestyle.

The PT, who works at Chester’s Nuffield Health Gym, has raised Jujitsu fan Ryan and budding gymnast Bethan to be mad on sports too so he said his clan are perfect advocates for family fitness.

Dave, who works out three or four times a week, put together his amazing dad workout video in his front room to show his family’s unique take on exercise.

His footage has racked up thousands of views on social media and he said his little tykes have been bowled over by the positive reaction.

Dave said: “The dad workout was basically the kids’ idea.

“Bethan in particular is really into exercise, she sees me training and always wants to do fitness routines.

“I believe being active together not only strengthens the body physically and mentally, but also the family.

“It took us about 20 minutes to put the routine together. But there’s so much you can do with it. Fitness is a lifestyle, you have to set a model for kids.

“I tell them they’re famous now. There’s definitely potential for some more dad workout videos – there’s definitely more we can do.

“I might even look into doing a wife workout featuring Laura.”