Life Video

By Christina Wood

A body piercer who lopped off her OWN FINGER has marked the one-year anniversary by turning the severed limb into a pendant – and decorating the stump with tiny hats.


Torz Reynolds decided to slice off her little finger with bolt cutters last year (Feb 14) after wanting to do it for a decade because she believes it ‘looks cute’.

After keeping the stump in the freezer next to a bag of peas for the past year, Torz bizarrely decided to mark the occasion by immortalising the frozen finger as a pendant necklace.

The 30-year-old body modifier bought a glass vial, filled it with alcohol solution and dunked the detached digit inside attached to a chain so it wouldn’t waste away in the freezer.

Boyfriend Xav also presented Torz with a collection of tiny hats which she claims resemble the Village People to dress her stump, which she has affectionately named Wiggles.


Torz, from Colchester, Essex, said: “I forgot it [the finger] was there. It was in the freezer next to my frozen peas.

“You don’t want to waste it so why not turn it into a necklace?

“I made the necklace on Wiggles’ birthday (February 14). I’ll pick and choose where I wear it – I wouldn’t wear it at work – but it will definitely be a new favourite in my free time.

“I thought a necklace would be the easiest thing to make and I wanted to do something to mark Wiggles’ first birthday.”

Torz now plays dress-up with Wiggles, decorating the stump with one of 15 kids’ toy hats including a stetson, a viking helmet, a hard hat and a red baseball cap.


Torz said: “The hats were a present from my boyfriend for Wiggles’ birthday. I thought it was brilliant, they look like they’re the Village People.

“A lot of people have said they’re awesome – everyone knows I don’t take anything seriously.”

Torz was inspired to chop her pinky finger off after one of her friends took the plunge, she revealed following that she would often practise bending her finger back to see if she could live without it.


The taxidermist decided to commit to the extreme body modification last year and chopped it off herself after numbing it to reduce the pain, and hasn’t looked back.

Torz said: “I thought it was really cute. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and decided to do it.

“Xav and I had a nice dinner and then I chopped it off, I numbed it first so it wasn’t too bad.I wasn’t sure if I could live without it but I can.

“It hasn’t changed anything – I love it, it’s so cute.


A lot of people will go and get it done professionally but I didn’t want to go through surgery.

“My partner just said, ‘as long as you’re happy that’s all that matters’. My family didn’t understand it but didn’t mind as long as I was safe.”