Amazing Video

By Jamie Smith

This artist is proving finger painting isn’t just for kids – creating incredible portraits of dogs without a paint brush in sight.

Talented Iris Scott, from Brooklyn, New York, first discovered her unique talent completely by chance while living in Taiwan.

The 32-year-old simply ran out of clean brushes and through sheer laziness, rather than going to wash a brush, decided to give finger painting a try.

Iris instantly fell in love with the unusual technique and has since created hundreds of stunning oil finger paintings including a collection called ‘shakin’ dogs’.

Iris, who was able to give up her job and make a living from painting in 2011, said: “I self taught drawing and painting throughout childhood.

Pic by Iris Scott/Caters News

“In college I studied painting and received a BFA. I attended one year in Florence Italy. By 2009 I had graduated with an MFA and that year I moved to Taiwan where I lived until 2010.

“While in Taiwan I ran out of clean brushes and started finger painting. The laziness was luck in disguise, I discovered oil finger painting had advantages over brushes.

Pic by Iris Scott/Caters News

“Thus in 2010 I consciously chose to dedicate the rest of my life to fine art finger painting.

“The process for creating a piece is three fold. First I travel abroad, visit museums, or read on the subject I’m interested about. Then I digitally sketch the idea, finally I execute the finger painting as rapidly as possible.

Pic by Iris Scott/Caters News

“My favourite subject to paint is mythological, even Egyptian, although I paint this the least.

“I’m influenced by the Impressionists and Surrealists. I love Dali, Sargent, Sorolla, Picasso’s early work, Monet, Munch and Khalo.”