Animals Video

A rampaging elephant charges at a motorcyclist before smashing into a nearby house.

The elephant had wandered from the wild into Kanjicude Village in the Palakkad District of Kerala, India.

Eyewitnesses said the elephant had left the Walayar Forest in desperate search for water, taking out anything in its path.

The thirsty Elephant charged at anyone in sight before bulldozing the wall of a house.

Frightened locals can be heard in the video saying: “How did it come here? Don’t make any noise, let it go. Keep quiet! Keep quiet!”

The video which was shot from the home of a local resident, shows the battered motorcyclist escaping the elephant on foot deserting his bike.

Residents there were warned of the elephants’ imminent arrival and were advised to remain indoors.

A lot of damage was done to the street but there were fortunately no casualties of the raging Ellie.