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By Hayley Pugh

A teenager who claims to have found a three inch piece of wood in her pickle jar says she recorded the moment staff called her a ‘stupid bitch’ and said the wood was part of their new organic approach.

Student, Sarah Nahhas, was eating a jar of Vlasic pickles when she claims she noticed something sharp in her mouth.

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The 19-year-old freshman, from New York, claims she removed the object and was horrified to find a three-inch piece of wood which had cut the inside of her mouth and left her unable to eat for days.

She said: “I was hungry and was pretty inattentive being in a dark room watching a movie.

“I was throwing back the baby pickles like nothing when I felt my fork hit what I thought was a really crunchy one.

“It was a piece of wood that was probably around two to three inches. When I found out what it was, I was absolutely disgusted.

“It had scraped up the inside of my mouth and had some bleeding. My mouth was sore, however, this was just before my boyfriend’s family and I were leaving for vacation in the Dominican Republic.

“I was hurting, however, I braved the pain but wasn’t able to eat for two to three days into my vacation which was a bummer.”

Sarah posted about the incident on social media and the company contacted her asked her to call them.

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She was unable to call immediately as she was outside of the US on holiday but told them she would call on her return.

When Sarah spoke to the company she says she recorded the conversation and claims staff initially told her it was part of their new organic approach .

Later in the call Sarah said she heard colleagues discussing the incident, while they thought she was on hold, and said one representative called her a ‘stupid bitch’ – apparently unaware that she could hear every word.

Sarah posted a video of the call on social media and somebody from Vlasic messaged her saying they would like to speak to her.

She sent them her number and was told she would receive a call but she hasn’t heard from them since.

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Sarah said: “I felt belittled and appalled at the sound of such disrespect and lack of concern in response to the situation at hand.

“Their strategy to ignore this problem, hoping I won’t take it any further is disappointing. I thought customer service was supposed to help people.

“All in all, I’m pretty disappointed because anyone who knows me knows I love pickles, especially the Vlasic ones.

“I always have a Jar in my dorm room but I haven’t eaten any pickles since. Just a terrible experience to say the least.”

A spokesperson at Pinnacle Foods Inc, which own the Vlasic brand, said: “We have been in touch with Sarah through Facebook, expressing our apologies and providing our customer service phone number.

“We record all inbound and outbound phone calls and have no record of any calls from her or the conversation she states to have recorded.”