Offbeat Video

By Liam Bolland

Watch the hilarious moment a sausage dog drives a golf buggy.

Rocco, the tiny dachshund, at one-and-half years old, is quite the character.

Dom Buckley, from Kelso, in the Scottish Borders, often films Rocco as he rides the golf buggy on Dom’s wife’s knee.

The humorous pooch frequently jumps in the front seat when he can’t be bothered to run back, wags his tail and steers his way home.

PIC FROM Caters News

Dom said: “Rocco is a huge character, and he acts so human with some of his actions.

“He does so many funny things and he’s absolutely hilarious.

“When we first filmed him on the buggy it made us laugh so much, as it genuinely looked like he was driving it himself.

“He puts his paws on the steering wheel and acts like a boss!”