Offbeat Video

By Harriet Whitehead

A mum hoped to capture the magical moment her two boys found out they were going on a dream trip to Disneyland – but things backfired when her son threw a massive tantrum.

Luci Kelly, 33, wanted to surprise them with a trip to the Paris resort and thought it would be fun to film their reaction when she gave them the news via a note read by her eldest Tristan Edwards.


But the hilarious clip filmed last week shows it didn’t go to plan when Tristan, 5, threw a tantrum and repeatedly failed to grasp the content of the note before starting a fight with three-year-old brother Archie Edwards.

Luci, from Eastbourne, East Sussex, said: “I’d seen a friend do a video a couple of years ago and it was really emotional.

“I thought when we tell them we’d write a letter and hide their presents for the trip in the lounge for them to find.

“We thought we would capture a perfect moment on camera.

“I thought it would be lovely. I thought they would get really excited and then go hunting for their presents but Tristan just wanted to get through reading the note.

“I thought when he got to the bit about Disney he would be so excited that he wouldn’t be able to read any more, but that didn’t happen.”

In the video Luci and engineer dad Mitch Edwards, 38, hand Tristan a note which explains they are going on holiday at the end of March and that they’ve hidden two presents for them in the lounge.

Tristan throws the note on the floor twice shouting he can’t read it because it’s crumpled up.


A third attempt is more successful but he’s concentrating so hard on reading that he fails to grasp what’s going on.

The schoolboy doesn’t react to the news that he’s going to Disneyland despite his gleeful brother Archie helpfully shouting out ‘Disneyland’ ‘presents’ and ‘holiday’.

After being interrupted by Archie, Tristan tries to read it again but loses his temper and starts shouting before the boys start hitting each other.

Luci, a services co-ordinator for a sheltered housing group, said: “Tristan does like to see things through so that’s why he kept starting at the top again.

“He wanted it to be perfect and to read it top to bottom.

“They were very excited afterwards – when they realised they both raced around the lounge to find their presents. It was a delayed reaction but a good one in the end.

“One has got a Darth Vader outfit and the other is a Stormtrooper, They didn’t take the costumes off for the rest of the day.


“The boys are obsessed with Star Wars and when we’ve booked to go there’s a Star Wars parade on.

“I still don’t think they fully understand we are going for more than a day and sleeping in a hotel.

“They’re going to love it – they love Disney.”

Despite the video showing the boys fighting, Luci said the pair are usually the best of pals.

Luci said: “They’re as thick as thieves. We put them in separate beds but quite often we’ll come in in the morning and nine times out of ten they will be next to each other.

“Tristan is a perfectionist and Archie is more laid back and very comical – he likes to be the centre of attention.”

Luci shared the video online and said she was inundated with comments from other parents saying their kids would have reacted in the same way.

Luci said: “At first I wasn’t going to share it because it didn’t go according to plan but then I thought ‘that’s life’ and that’s children sometimes.

“I think it turned out to be even funnier. The boys have watched the video and both think it’s funny too.”