Life Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the moment a number of pupils at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were fearing for their safety, as S.W.A.T. team members cleared their classroom after a fatal mass shooting.

The school went into lockdown on Wednesday, February 14, as a suspect fatally 17 people, with the dead including adults and students.


In the video, pupils can be seen sitting huddled in the corner of their classroom, some engaged in their phones.

As law enforcement officials entered the room, beaming lights and aiming their guns towards the group of pupils, many children let out fearful shreiks, while others breathed audible sighs of relief.

The officials then asked children to put their hands in the air and asked TK and his classmates to stop recording.

The footage was captured by the unnamed younger brother of Melody Ball, who then posted the footage on her social media channels.

PIC FROM John McCall/Sun Sentinel/TNS/Caters News

Federal official have named the gunman as Nicolas Cruz, 19, a former student at the school.

He was arrested in Coral Springs, a neighbouring city, around an hour after leaving the premises.

Melody said: “My little brother just sent me this video of the swat team evacuating his classroom at stoneman douglas.

“So scary but glad he’s safe.”