Offbeat Video

By Hannah McFadyen

This incredible fitness class is performed on top of giant floats resting on the swimming pool surface.

The ‘Float Fit’ classes are a thirty minute class high–intensity interval training class where you wobble your way to fitness.


Footage shows women, balancing on top of their ‘AquaBase’ float boards and going through their aerobics routine: from squats to burpees.

The unusual classes have been introduced by Active Northumberland in the UK in order to encourage more people into swimming and fitness.


Northumberland county Councillor Cath Homer said: “The team at Active Northumberland are working hard to  make swimming more accessible and appealing and encourage more  people to take the plunge and feel the benefits – both physical and social – that swimming brings.

“The exciting new classes offer more choice for local residents and  focus on the idea of bringing the gym to the pool.


“The beauty of these classes are they are all  water based so they are low impact and greatly reduce any stress on the joints. I’d encourage anyone who may be interested to  give it a try at one of our free taster sessions.”