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By Kim Reader

This adorable dachshund couple who love to spoon and can’t bear to be apart have restored their owner’s faith in romance.

Hounds in love Henry and Kiki, both six, spend almost every moment by each other’s sides, kissing, cuddling and going on adventures with their owner Jennifer Mooney, 45.

It was love at first sniff for the sausage dog sweethearts and since then garden designer Jennifer has shared every touching moment of their puppy love on social media.


The impassioned pooches, who will be spending Valentine’s Day loving and respecting each other, have now racked up more than 31,000 followers who can’t get enough of Henry and Kiki’s unbreakable bond

As well as providing people with a daily dose of joy and romance, Jennifer said Henry and Kiki personify relationship goals and constantly reminds her that true love does exist.

Jennifer, of West Hartford, Connecticut, USA, said: “I can honestly testify that it was love at first sight with Henry and Kiki.

“They took a few minutes to figure each other out but within hours they were cuddling in the same bed.

“I think their bond is very special and unique because I have always felt that they needed each other.


“Even though he had me and our bond was loving and close, Henry needed the security of another dog. Kiki is a born snuggler and she also feels more secure with Henry.

“I feel like Henry and Kiki restore my faith in love and in humanity every single day. They make me want to be my best person and do everything I can to ensure their happiness and contentment.

“Taking care of an animal and making its life great is good for the body, mind and soul.

“Henry and Kiki’s love continues to grow every day. They are relationship goals personified. They cuddle, they play, they look out for one another.

“They are true partners, and they always make sure the other one is okay. They take turns eating out of the same bowl. They even poop at the same time.

“If Kiki hears Henry barking, she comes running and vice-versa. I have never seen them so much a growl at each other let alone fight.

“They cooperate on every level, and they do it without any help or pushing from me. I’ve honestly never seen anything like it.


“Henry and Kiki will be spending Valentine’s Day doing what they do best – loving and respecting each other. And most likely getting stalked by their ‘mum-ager’.”

While the crazy in love canines Instagram account @henryloveskiki has a huge following, Jennifer says she never set out to achieve celebrity status for her pooches but merely to spread joy.

The ‘pure message’ behind Henry and Kiki’s social media page seems to resonate with their followers who even use cute snaps of the pups to tell their partners how much they love them.

Jennifer said: “Like most dog owners in the modern age I was taking a ridiculous amount of photos of Henry and Kiki right from the start.

“Instagram was only a year or so old and I would post occasional Henry and Kiki photos I took on my iPhone.

“Then after about three years I decided they needed their own IG account because their cuteness was getting out of control.


“Our account had a slow build of organic followers, and slowly, one by one, people began to fall in love with Henry and Kiki.

“Henry and Kiki bring me so much joy and happiness, I felt the world needed to feel this way also. I never set out to gain followers or to be an ‘influencer’ or any of the other trappings of social media.

“I simply set out – and still do today – to creatively challenge myself and to share the beautiful Henry and Kiki love bond. I think our followers know how pure the heart of the @henryloveskiki account is.

“There is so much love shared on the account. Lovers talk to each other through Henry and Kiki’s photos and followers comment and DM with the most beautiful, heart-warming things.

“To spread love in this way has fulfilled me in a way I never would have imagined.

“To actually make a stranger’s day better or to bring a smile to the face of someone who would otherwise be crying is something that I can’t even describe. It brings me joy to make people happy.”


After having dogs her whole life, Jennifer first fell in love with the dachshund breed when her ex-boyfriend bought her a red smooth haired puppy called Cooper for Christmas 2011.

When Cooper suddenly died in a tragic accident in 2012, Jennifer knew the only thing that could mend her broken heart was the love of another dachshund so she bought tiny 12-week-old Henry.

But Jennifer quickly realised that Henry needed a pal and set about finding another miniature dachshund to keep him company before adopting eleven-month-old Kiki.

Jennifer said: “I fell so in love with little Cooper and also completely in love with the breed. Like many dachshund owners, I knew I would never be able to have any other breed.

“Unfortunately Cooper’s sweet little life ended tragically exactly one year later, the night before Christmas Eve.


“A couple days after the most depressing Christmas of my life I dragged my sad, heart-broken self over to the local pet store with the hopes to pet and hold some puppies to lighten my heavy heart.

“In the corner of one of the pens was this big pile of little puppies all cuddling in a triangle formation.

“As I watched the pile, it slowly dismantled and two tiny little paws stretched out of the very bottom of the pile. Then a little yawning head popped out. Then a teeny little weenie body.

“It was a little smooth-coated red dachshund – just like my little Cooper. I asked to hold him and I fell madly, deeply in love. I cried like a baby in the middle of the pet store.

“I have never supported purchasing dogs from pet stores. But this was an exception. I neededf this little baby so I brought him home. I called him Henry. And my sad heart began to heal.

Henry was the most adorable, wonderful puppy but he did one thing that drove me crazy – he stared at me whining for no apparent reason.


“After a while I realised that he seemed lonely. It made sense, seeing as how he was happiest under a pile of puppies.

“I knew he needed a sibling to make his life complete so I set out on a mission to find Henry a best friend.

“I had searches in with all the adoption agencies for a young miniature dachshund so Henry could have a same-sized pal.

“As soon as I met Kiki I just knew she was the one. The only question I needed answered when I spoke to her foster mum was does she love other dogs and does she love to cuddle? The answer was yes.”