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By Nelson Groom

A self-styled “womb witch” has encouraged women to drink their own menstrual blood as a natural way to boost their energy levels.

Nadine Lee, 30, teaches women the world over about “menstruation magic” practices that can be done to improve their health during that time of the month.

Menstrual spirituality has taken the world by storm recently, with women sharing rituals online in a bid to prove periods are nothing to be ashamed of.

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Now, Bali-based healer Nadine is teaching her own brand of the movement- including pouring her blood into the earth and drinking it to perk up.

Nadine said: “Drinking your blood can be a way for women to clear your vision and energize themselves by awakening spiritual centres.

“I wouldn’t suggest everyone does it. If it is thick or heavy period it can be toxic, but if they have done cleared the clotting it can be very energizing.”

“It’s about connecting with our natural bodies rhythms and using that to amplify our lives. It can be used to leverage our relationships, careers, and spirituality.”

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Born in Brisbane, Nadine said she gravitated towards spirituality and witchcraft after she was driven into a nervous wreck working in advertising.

She graduated from meditation, to yoga, to tantric healing and spell work, which she says led her to the ancient Shamanic traditions of blood magic.

Nadine said she goes to ground when she is on her period, using the occasion to stay indoors and perform rituals like painting with her blood to reconnect with her body.

She also offers her services online and in workshops to people from America and Australia, spanning the ages of 25 – 35, at a ratio of 60 per cent women and 40 per cent men.

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Nadine said: “By offering your menstrual blood back into their earth you’re plugging us into the energy of mother nature and your roots.”

“I teach women to become aware about what’s going on in their own bodies and feminine energy.”

“Menstrual blood is a life force, just like semen is for men. It holds our life force energy. By discarding it, we are disregarding our feminine energy.”

“The only healing that worked for me was spirituality, so my own practices led me to help other people with the same problems.”

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